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Full Episode 6 | Two Wives

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Yvonne’s constant expression of love and understanding put Victor in deep remorse about spending a sinful night with Janine. Trying to make things right, Victor puts an end to his deal with Janine about posing […]

Full Episode 7 | Two Wives

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As thoughts of Audrey continue to linger in his mind, Victor decides to continue pretending as the child’s father. Victor and Janine also start anew as friends and agree to forget about their one-night tryst. […]

Full Episode 8 | Two Wives

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Another test of faith falls upon Yvonne when her mother is diagnosed with a feet and ankle dysfunction that needs immediate surgery. Victor, on the other hand, gets a sound advice from Louie who tells […]

Full Episode 9 | Two Wives

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While striving to juggle a number of jobs to earn money for Carmen’s surgery, Yvonne finds herself losing time for her family. Soon, Yvonne reaps the fruits of her labor as Carmen undergoes a successful […]