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Happy Break Up The Movie

Break ups are never easy; join Valentine as she tries to find the silver lining in it. From the hit single “Happy Break Up”, the film looks at heartbreak in a different light. This film is for free to launch Donnalyn’s YouTube Filmmaking. A way to make up to her fans, make them feel happy and to give something in return for all their love.

See you guys sa “Love Out Loud” online concert (June 27 | 8PM) on Viva Entertainment’s FB page. Featuring Ella Cruz, Julian Trono, KimJe (Kim Molina and Jerald Naploes), and meeeee.


Starring Donnalyn Bartolome, Paul Salas, Niño Muhlach, Marissa Sanchez, Sachzna Laparan, Kelly Welt, Ann B. Mateo, Bianca Yao, and Angelica Feliciano

Directed by Roe Pajemna
Written and Produced by Donnalyn Bartolome

I’d like to thank Canon, Swatch, Devant,Vista Mall, Enchanted Kingdom, White Flower, Cospray, SkyCastle, Viva, and Oomph TV.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/DJBDonna
Instagram: https://instagram.com/DonnalynBartolome

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