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Donnette, Reggie, and Mikki (Do-Re-Mi Donna Cruz, Regine Velasquez, and Mikee Cojuangco in real life) are amateur singers with big dreams. Mikki (poorest among the three) always fulfills her family’s wishes above all else–they want her to be a singer though deep inside, it’s not what she wants. Reggie (middle class), an orphan who was raised by her grandmother has always had a dream to be a successful singer someday. Donnette (upperclass of the three), being rich, has always lived a sheltered life. She has stopped studying law for a while and hasn’t an inkling where her life is going so she spends most of it on shopping until Mikki and Reggie meet her.

Together, they form a group based on the 2 letters of their first names. Coming from different backgrounds, clashes with each other are often–especially between Donnette (rich) and Mikki (poor). But will their unlikely friendship strengthen each other’s characters, or will they drift apart? Time will tell…

One night while performing, a group of Japanese audience are impressed. This gives them an idea to take things further. They then try to go to Japan as singers but it would turn out destiny has other plans for them….Will they be able to go to Japan after all? Hmm…

This was a famous Filipino movie in 1997 about 3 friends who face trials in the pursuit of their dreams. Youtube reduced the quality, the original video is better. Copyright owned by VIVA FILMS.